Stussy 8 Ball Fleece

The Stussy 8-Ball Fleece was a particularly popular piece from Stussy’s Fall/Winter 2022 collection. It wasn’t just one specific fleece, but rather a design concept applied to a reversible sherpa jacket.

Here’s a breakdown of the Stussy 8-Ball Fleece:


Reversible Sherpa Jacket: This jacket offered two distinct looks in one. One side featured a soft and cozy sherpa fleece, perfect for colder weather. The other side was a more durable nylon shell, ideal for windy or light rain conditions.


This design was part of a seasonal collection and may be difficult to find at retail stores.You might have some luck searching for it online through resale platforms like Stussy Clothing or Grailed.

Overall, the Stussy 8-Ball Fleece was a popular and stylish winter jacket that offered both warmth and versatility. While the original release may be sold out, it’s a great example of Stussy Hoodie ability to blend classic streetwear elements with high-quality materials.